We create beautiful and distinctive Rosaries entirely of fresh, premium roses, prayerfully assembled by hand in the USA. Shipped within the lower 48 States for special life events: Mass of Christian Burial, rosary service, funeral, memorial service, celebration of life, First Communion, May Crowning, weddings. The “Fresh Rosary" is a welcome and comforting sight to loved ones gathered for a holy farewell. Each rosary contains 53 roses, representing 50 + 3 Hail Mary prayers 53 large, fresh roses in a gloriously huge rosary, big enough to place on a full-size casket. Decade rosary is also available. These rosaries are stunning, and we've been told how moved people are at the sight of them. Following the funeral, some place the rosary in the casket to bury with their loved one, and some bring the rosary home and display it.

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Julia Miller
14917 150th Street East
Orting, WA 98360


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9 a.m. -5 p.m. M-F Pacific Time

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