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The Faces of Christ Collection will tour the U.S. in 2016-2017. This 85 piece collection of new paintings by living Catholic and Christian Artists will inspire and evangelize people. The collection seeks to highlight the work of modern-day living artists whose work expresses the message of Christ more effectively than most contemporary or commercial religious art. Venue locations are still being determined in major U.S. cities. Advertising and tax deductible sponsorships are available and greatly needed to make the exhibit free and open to the public. The owner / curator of the collection is Steen Heidemann, author of The Catholic Priest: Image of Christ. The collection has been shown throughout Europe including World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain and in Krakow, Poland. More information is available to help support this one-time initiative at or by contacting John Meng-Frecker at 402-510-3426 cell and email.

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John Meng-Frecker, 2016-2017 U.S. Tour Coordinator
306 S. 53rd Street
Omaha, NE 68132

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