Gail's Designs Catholic Jewelry and Rosaries

Gail's Designs has been creating unique, quality jewelry and rosaries since 2009. Gail has been an artist for most of her life and is grateful for her faith and being able to make elegant jewelry and cherished rosaries for people of the Catholic faith. She has a passion for designing legacy pieces of jewelry and rosaries. "I like the style of my grandmother's rosary, a European vintage style. The rosaries feel good in your hands when you pray." She also noticed from a young age, women who wore beautiful, revered medals from the Vatican to midnight mass, which also inspired her to design remarkable pieces for for women of faith. To visit Gail's shop, go to Gail also has an Etsy store. and is also on Facebook under 'Gail Giron Design'.

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Gail Giron
321 Big Horn Drive A6
Estes Park, CO 80517


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