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A Place Where Culture, Family, Gender, and Faith Intersect: Irma Silva-Barbeau is a writer, author, speaker, and a member of the Secular Discalced Carmelite Order. She writes and talks about different issues of the day and Catholic spiritual themes (i.e., fasting, contemplative prayer). Her books: A CROWN ON HER HEAD (picture book about children's role in family and building of self-esteem), ISABEL'S GIFT: A STORY OF GIVING, LOVE AND DISCOVERY (In the honored tradition of Dickens' A Christmas Carol-A sweet story of a child's Christmas, of poverty and riches, of sacrifice and miracles, and of timeless spiritual truths), and A SWEET OBLATION (In a pre-Vatican II culture is a bridge between childhood and adulthood, the character recognizes the mob mentality of killing "evil" spiders on Good Friday and instead burns her private diary of sins stuffed inside her effigy of Judas. Her winged reward is imminent and immanent-the Good News revealed Easter Sunday in her front yard.

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Irma Silva-Barbeau, PhD., OCDS
PO Box 735,
Blacksburg,, VA 24063


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