Rosaries, Boxes, Cases

Children's Rosary

The Children's Rosary is a prayer group movement for children. It is an effort to begin in parishes Rosary prayer groups, composed of children and led by children. This prayer movement has quickly spread across the United States and extends to five continents. The Children's Rosary has been featured on EWTN Sunday Night Prime, EWTN Radio, and the National Catholic Register. We have a Children's Rosary book available to order in Spanish and English which explains how to begin a prayer group and can also be used by the children in prayer of the Rosary. The book has an Imprimatur and is made by the students at the American School for the Deaf. We also have a series of Children's Rosary CDs. In addition to the Rosary led by the children, the CDs also feature Marian hymns sung by the children and our theme song: "Rosary Children".

Full of Grace, Divine Designs

Full of Grace is an eight year old, Texas-based company. Our focus is beautiful Catholic jewelry, handmade of semi-precious stones freshwater pearls and beautiful gold and silver chains. Each piece is designed around an image of an heirloom Holy medal. Our goal is to provide meaningful, sophisticated, fashion-forward Catholic jewelry to be worn and shared to further our devotion to our faith. Full of Grace was the brain child of a young, widowed mother whose faith and the blessings she has received through this ministry, has sustained her and made her stronger.

Shomali Inc.

High Quality devotional items form the Holy Land and Europe. The specialists in olive wood rosaries and crucifixes with pewter metal parts. Olive wood offers a beautiful, rich interior grain and can be fashioned into quality pieces that North Americans appreciate. If you cannot visit the Holy Land, we can bring a piece of Bethlehem into your home. We carry a wide inventory of about 2000 items of devotion which come from Bethlehem, Europe, USA and Canada. We have rosaries, crosses and crucifixes to prayer cards, bookmarks, key chains, pewter pieces, pendants, a full Christmas Line and more.

Bliss Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Founded in 1900, Bliss Manufacturing Co., Inc., is a family owned and operated company specializing in manufacturing of religious jewelry. Located in Pawtucket Rhode Island, Bliss Manufacturing employs 50 highly skilled workers who take great pride in delivering quality products in the most efficient method. Our product lines include more than 100,000 SKUs including Religious Medals, hand-made Rosaries, Rosary Bracelets, Wall Crosses, Key Chains, Visor Clips and Neck Chain. We specialize in Sterling Silver, Gold Filled and 14 and 18 Karat jewelry, but can manufacture items using Aluminum, Silver Filled, Pewter, Brass, Silver Plate and Gold Plate finishes. We are known for our unique finishes, our personalization of our products (specialized engraving) and same-day drop shipping along with international shipping. Our medals are hand engraved and come with a lifetime guarantee. We strive to make every product perfect and are extremely proud of what we do.

Sine Cera Catholic Gifts, LLC

Sine Cera Catholic Gifts, LLC is a direct importer of quality, Catholic religious goods to include Statues, Crucifixes, Rosaries, Rosary bracelets, Sterling Rings and more. All our items are UPC Bar coded. We have no minimums. We provide Web Site support that includes high quality JPG images of all our products. We can directly drop ship to your customer at no extra charge.


The original decal company! Vehicle decals for "Roamin" Catholics. We are a family-owned business/apostolate, designing and creating vehicle decals that give witness to our Catholic Faith. All of our products are USA made, here in the Midwest. Our Shape-Cut, Transparent, and euro style vinyl decals are designed using the timeless symbolism of Christianity; including the prayer of the Rosary with our unique and exclusive copyrighted, 'baby shaped' Rosary decal "Pray for the Unborn". Other decals include our transparent Saint decals; vinyl 'vehicle medals', a host of heavenly patrons who bless and protect our travels. Decals for your car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, moped, plane, train, trailer, camper, snowmobile, scooter, skateboard, snowboard, outboard, catamaran, canoe, submarine, or time machine! We lovingly dedicate our company to our Blessed Mother under Her special title, "Our Lady of the Highways", and implore Her protection for all travelers.

Ghirelli Rosaries

Ghirelli is a leading Italian company with worldwide recognition, that design, manufacture and distribute religious products for all the most important Catholic Organizations, Shrines as well as for the Vatican and personally for H.H. Benedict XVI.

Seraphym Designs

Seraphym Designs is the creator of the original handcrafted heirloom rosary, and heirloom devotional jewelry. Each piece is handmade and assembled in the USA. Seraphym Designs mission is to create heirloom fine quality rosaries and jewelry that are made with ancient medals and fine quality components. We believe that our devotional pieces should look and and feel beautiful, timeless, inspire more profound prayer, and be worthy of lasting for generations.

San Francis Imports

We manufacture and import the Finest Religious Gifts for the Retailer. Our gift line is comprehensive and includes all of the Sacraments; From Baptism to Bereavement, as a reseller you will find what you are looking for in one of the most complete line of religious gifts available anywhere. We are the distributor for the Cromo NB Studios of Milan Italy.

Deus Vult, LLC

We, the Church Militant, need to arm ourselves with weapons designed to aid us in the trenches. is designed to help us train for our role in the mission of combating evil and rescuing the souls of loved ones who have lost the precious gift of faith. Among these weapons you will find the Combat Rosary, which is based upon the original pull chain rosary that was commissioned and procured by the U.S. government and issued by the military, upon request, to soldiers serving in World War I. Another tool is the Church Militant Field Manual which will teach you the special operations, techniques and procedures for search and rescue missions of fallen comrades (family and friends whose faith has grown weak). Although rarely wielded by Catholics today, this supernatural strength and these techniques are truly authentic gifts of the Church that are field-tested and battle hardened.

Christian Brands

Christian Brands features well-known brands such as Creed, Gerffert, and Will & Baumer Candle Co. Choose from one of the largest selections of religious articles and church supplies in the industry!

Alexandra International

A Traditional Catholic Collection from Italy, Rosary Pouches, Eastern Christian Religious Art, Icons, Eggs, Crosses/Medals, Prayer Ropes, Tapestries, Liturgical items as well as folk items from Russia.

Elite Religious Craft

We are a family owned and run company. We manufacture rosaries and religious jewelry in the USA. We work with glass and crystal beads in a variety of sizes and colors and design a variety of rosaries, rosary bracelets, chaplets and religious jewelry. Our earrings are available in pierced and clip. Customers can have items customized to their needs.

Contreras Religious Art, Inc.

Contreras Religious Art imports jewelry, rosaries and other items from Brazil, Italy, Israel and Mexico .We hand craft beautiful sterling silver and bronze rosaries using only the best materials including Swarovski crystals and unique Czech beads. We also find unusual vintage pieces and cast them in sterling silver and bronze to make jewelry unlike anything you have ever seen.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement

SACRED HEART OF JESUS ENTHRONEMENT Enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in your home, office or college dorm. We provide a kit with all the necessary materials and instructions for the brief ceremony plus some suggestions for your continued devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This can be an ideal wedding gift, where you can help the young couple in the beautiful ceremony, as they dedicate their new home. Each kit contains the beautiful pictures of Jesus and Mary, a certificate of enthronement, sample song sheet and instructions as well as the promises of the Sacred Heart and of Our Lady of Fatima and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. To get a kit, contact Celine Kelly at 401-575-8428 or or Facebook: Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement

Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Indiana

We, the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Indiana, are monastic women seeking God through the Benedictine tradition of community life, prayer, hospitality, and service to others. By our life and work, we commit ourselves to be a presence of peace as we join our sisters and brothers in the common search for God.

Testimony of Selected Catholic Authors, Inc.

Testimony of Selected Catholic Authors, Inc. aims to spread the Truth of the Gospel through media, especially in Spanish. We offer selected works faithful to the Magisterium and Tradition of the Holy Mother Church. Among our publications are stand out books of the best spiritual authors as Alonso Rodriguez with his "Exercise of Perfection and Christian Virtues" and Father Luis de la Puente with his "Meditations", which have been an important part in the formation of great saints like the Cure of Ars and St. Anthony Mary Claret. We offer the lowest prices so that our books reach all age groups and in turn we allocate part of our funds to works of evangelization in mission areas. Testimony has a wide distribution network in various Spanish-speaking countries.

Divine Mercy Publications, Inc.

Established in 1994, Divine Mercy Publications, Inc., Tamarac, Florida is a Roman Catholic Apostolate dedicated to promoting Jesus' Message of Divine Mercy, as revealed to Saint Faustina Kowalska; along with making these and other religious materials available to further enhance and develop Catholic Spirituality and Education. We are the United States Agent for Divine Mercy Publications, Ireland and we specialize in Prayer Books, Religious Books, Rosaries, Leaflets, CD’s, DVD’s and much more, making these items available to the Consumer and at Wholesale prices to Catholic Gift Shops across the country. ... for the Conversion of Sinners, the Salvation of Souls; all for God’s Honor and Glory! For a Free Catalog or to place an order call us direct or visit our website.


Manufacturers and Suppliers of Church Goods, the world over, for 75 years. Offering Apparel, Mass Linens, Clergy Shirts, Fabric Collars, Vestments, Altar Cloths, Deacon Apparel and more. Mds is the world’s largest stockist of liturgical hand embroideries and appliqués. The mds Clergy Shirts are cotton rich and considered the best in the world. Paired with our shirts, mds Fabric Collars are the new the standard of comfort and durability. Additionally supplying Leather Rosary Cases, Hand carved Bible stands, Brass Incense Burners, Scapulars, Crosses and Burses, a further eclectic variety of church goods needs can be met. mds offers a complete selection of Breviary, Christian Prayer Book and Bible covers. Albs, Altar Server Albs, Cinctures. Finally, mds can provide custom solutions.

The Holy Mass Crucifix and Apostolate

The Holy Mass Crucifix and Apostolate blessed by Pope Benedict, Pope Francis, St. Benedict Medal on back. Apostolic Blessings and Indulgences of 3 popes come together in this crucifix once blessed. The only of its kind in the Church.

Adams Manufacturing

Adams Manufacturing is a leader in high-quality resin residential and commercial furniture, garden accessories, holiday items and suction cups. From our authentic, hard-working local employees and U.S.-based factory to the quality US-sourced materials we use, we are proud to state that we are 100% Made in USA. Adams also remains deeply committed to innovation - and to the idea of making products that enrich consumer's lives.

Fatima Company

We are a Catholic, family-owned firm in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam. We make and sell at competitive prices a range of religious goods as statues, gifts, wooden rosary, church things etc. Why choosing us! - Finest Religious items made in Viet Nam - Low minimum order - Affordable price - Experience in global shipping (to door/ port) - Global Customer service 24/7 Because of our religious underpinning, our relationship with our customers is maintained with a strong sense of morality and sound business ethics. We look forward to doing business with you.

Divine Mercy Rosary DVD

Promoting and teaching, praying the Most Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet in Song through the Divine Mercy Rosary DVD. This unique DVD captures an inspiring method of prayer featuring quotes from the Bible, Catechism, and Saints. It is set to a dynamic musical score against a visual backdrop of treasured masterpieces, icons, and mosaics, deeply engaging the viewer while minimizing distractions. Our YouTube Divine Mercy Chaplet receives 10,000 plus views per month and was the catalyst for the production of the DVD. We invite you to visit where you can preview the trailer, read testimonies, see pricing, and place an order.

Catholic Goods Outlet

Direct Importer!! We have relic devotional prayer items, low cost jewelry, Medjugorje bracelets coming in for only $3.50 ea. plus more..Sorry no printed catalogs, please view our website..use wholesale code: " wholesale1" at checkout to save 50% off our already low retail prices!!

Peace River

Peace River is an official licensed Foundation in the Holy Land which globally distributes the Holy Water from the Jordan River, where Jesus Christ was baptized. Peace River is certified and operates under the direct supervision of the Church at the Baptism Site at the Jordan River. We bottle and distribute the Jordan River Holy Water to all believers worldwide, a divine gift that connects you to Jesus Christ Himself. Our products have been endorsed by the Holy Father, Pope Francis and many other leaders. In addition to a wide variety of Holy Water products, to suit all budgets, we also offer beautiful hand crafted Holy Land olive wood products including rosaries and crosses. The Holy Water is a precious gift that we package to suit every budget. Our Foundation is actively engaged in funding charities in Jordan, empowering women and supporting the Baptism Site at the Jordan River.

Bella Studios Catholic Jewelry

Bella Studios’ newest collection of original jewelry is inspired by the brooch worn by Our Lady of Guadalupe. Elements of Our Lady’s gown and mantle are incorporated in every piece of jewelry in the Guadalupe Collection. Each unique design is hand carved in clay by artist Laura Duggan, kiln fired, then cast in bronze. The result of this multistep process is jewelry with an aged look and character.


With the objective of helping businesses around the United States, with our great products and the best wholesale prices we can get. We currently carry a beautiful collection of handcrafted religious products, that are designed to help any business related to the Catholic and Christian religion. "Our purpose is to help you and your business to discover new products and ideas that will help your business sales grow, we will always be there to help you with our great service and our great prices."

A&R Italian Imports

Our large Collection of Catholic & Greek Orthodox Religious Italian Silver Icons created, designed and manufactured in Italy exclusively for A&R Italian Imports. Over 400 different items to choose from. Our Icons are distinguished by the originality & the attention of detail given to each piece. The selection of high quality materials used will render these Icons so unique.

Gail's Designs Catholic Jewelry and Rosaries

Gail's Designs has been creating unique, quality jewelry and rosaries since 2009. Gail has been an artist for most of her life and is grateful for her faith and being able to make elegant jewelry and cherished rosaries for people of the Catholic faith. She has a passion for designing legacy pieces of jewelry and rosaries. "I like the style of my grandmother's rosary, a European vintage style. The rosaries feel good in your hands when you pray." She also noticed from a young age, women who wore beautiful, revered medals from the Vatican to midnight mass, which also inspired her to design remarkable pieces for for women of faith. To visit Gail's shop, go to Gail also has an Etsy store. and is also on Facebook under 'Gail Giron Design'.

CA Gift

As a family run design and manufacturing company for more than eight decade, we have earned a formidable reputation as the leading maker of inspirational & religious gifts. We offer message driven giftware for every occasion at prices that provide exceptional quality and margins.

On This Day Designs

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28 We are a small, family owned and operated jewelry company located in America's heartland. We are 8 sisters related by blood or marriage, and between all of us we have 49 children! In between our family duties, we design, handcraft and sell, both retail and wholesale, Catholic jewelry and other items. We have created many unique items found only at Please sit back and explore our website because we are very excited about our jewelry and the melding of our faith and fashion. Wear your faith, Share your faith!

H.J. Sherman Company

The H. J. Sherman Company has been a supplier of fine Catholic gifts and jewelry for 65 years. We will have many new products on display as well as all of our best sellers in many different categories. We invite you to drop by and see many of our 5000 items on display in booth #140. We will be happy to take the time to show you our product line, give you a free gift, and give you our brand new catalogs. The show is always a great opportunity to search out products and suppliers that fit your needs and the needs of your customers. We know you will find the service, selection, and programs offered by the Sherman Company to be amongst the best in the industry. We look forward to seeing you at the show. Have a safe trip to Chicago! Sincerely, Lisa Brady

Village Gift Importers

Village Gift Importers is a manufacturer of home and church statuary, figurine and crosses. Aside from us making our own pieces, we are also and importer of exclusive and unique items from around the world.

MG Rosary

MG Rosary is a family owned and operated company based in Houston Texas. We provide both fine and costume rosaries and jewelry in unique designs. MG Rosary is the original designer of the Wrist Rsoary™ five decade prayable rosary bracelet with a magnetic clasp.

Misericordia Publishing

Misericordia Publishing is a small boutique Catholic publisher in the heart of the Bible Belt. The company publishes works of nonfiction and fiction that are in full accordance with the teaching of the magisterium of the Catholic Church and Catholic moral values. Our works of fiction inspire great confidence and hope in the Divine Mercy of God while showcasing the transforming power of grace in our broken world.

Little Drops of Water Company Limited

Little Drops of Water® helps reach out to children from an early age and create a connection early on. Currently this 150+ collection of figurines, includes the great majority of Saints, Mary and Jesus worshiped around the World.