Candles de Teotihuacan S.A. DE C.v

Dedicated to the manufacturing of quality candles, Candles de Teotihuacan was founded by Mr. Antonio Elizalde Rocha, who worked for 30 years in a small workshop. Twenty-seven years ago, at the request of a Priest in the town of San Martín de las Pirámides, Antonio started his home based business manufacturing candles. His business grew moderately thanks to the support of local priests and nuns. When Mr. Antonio died, his sons inherited the business and to this day remains family-owned and operated. The products have been very well accepted throughout Mexico.


With the objective of helping businesses around the United States, with our great products and the best wholesale prices we can get. We currently carry a beautiful collection of handcrafted religious products, that are designed to help any business related to the Catholic and Christian religion. "Our purpose is to help you and your business to discover new products and ideas that will help your business sales grow, we will always be there to help you with our great service and our great prices."

The Saints Collection

We develop gifts products including LED candles and night lights of the key Saints. These Saints images are put on these products using a image transfer process that enhances picture of the Saints.